Biology DNA

Biology is a scientific term derived from two words BIO means life and LOGOS mean study. It is a branch of science in which we research behavior and examine the structure of all living things we search how living organisms are fighting all the odds for their Livings. We observe how they live in colonies and manage livings.Biology DNA learning is very complicated.

Here I have some information about some biological term which I must share with you people I hope it must increase your knowledge a bit.

1. newborn babies have more bones than adults
2. difference between DNA and RNA
DNA had deoxyribose sugar and double strained.
RNA have ribose sugar but single strained.
3.Diffrence between plants and animals?
Plants prepared their foods, but animals depend on plants for their diet.
Animals move from place to place for food etc. Plants don’t move, but their parts move to grow.
4. coughing is not bad all the time rather it helps us to clear dust and germs from our nose and throat.
5. everywhere on the earth there are many small particles known as bacteria and viruses, their size is in microns that can’t be seen with naked eyes so they are microscopic organism. we can see them through a microscope which enlarges/zoom them to an extent of 1800 of their sizes. of the important energy source is vitamin D, and most of the living beings are getting it from sun rays.
7. Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in leaves of a plant; this pigment is the reason why plants are green. This pigment is responsible to trap energy from sunlight and make their food; this process is known photosynthesis.
8. There are many tiny hairs, and sticky substance is called present mocusa in the nose. The purpose of these hairs and focus is to moist the surface and trap dust particles that come with air.


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