Corona Effect:

Drawing general impression of individual on the premise of a solitary trademark. i.e. if somebody is high on one measurement, he/she is seen to be great at different sizes too.


  • He is Friendly
  • He should be a decent spouse
  • He must be caring
  • He must be a genuine companion
  • He must be a decent child


Recency Effect:

At the point when the latest data impact our judgment, despite the fact that we have an entire of other information on the Person.


  • If we meet a man for more than 2 hours. Toward the end of the meeting, he said he practically won the Indian Idol.
  • We accepted he is imaginative and a decent artist.


Essential Effect:

The propensity to shape a judgment/feeling immediately in light of the primary data we got. (In this manner, we may get other information), but construct our judgment on the primary data.


  • On TV diversion demonstrates where, individuals
  • can win everything in a rundown of things
  • they see, they typically at any rate
  • Keep in mind an initial couple of things.


The Similar-to-Me Effect:

We tend to support/like or give ideal judgment to the individuals who are like us.


Two competitors went along for meeting, one from Islamabad and the other from Gujranwala. As questioner is from Islamabad, he tends to the applicant from Islamabad, better assessment.


Essential Attribution Error:

The inclination to think little of the impact of external variables and overestimate the impact of internal components when making judgments about the conduct of others.


we see a young fellow, lying by the street side in the morning. We accepted he is apathetic and a boozer. We judge/property this (i.e. him resting by the roadside to him ) as opposed to credit to his surroundings or possibly as of late he lost his business and was made a bankrupt.


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