Android 7.1 Nougat is uploading........

Hi People as you know that android is going to announce the second and last designer see work of Android 7.1.1 and google is to choose Nexus and Pixel phones —this is the overhaul’s last stop before the final form is disclosed to the organization’s more seasoned equipment toward the beginning of December. Like the major review in October, this one backing the Nexus 5X and 6P and also the Pixel C, and Google has included support for the Nexus 9 also—you can select any of these gadgets in the beta program here to download over-the-air redesigns. The last form will include bolster for the Nexus 6 and the Nexus Player. The Pixel telephones are as of now running Android 7.1 nougat, however, they’ll probably get an upgrade to 7.1.1 at around a similar time with any relevant fixes and improvements.

There aren’t real redesigns in the new beta, and Google’s post is focused toward engineers who are preparing their applications for the most up to date form of Nougat. Android Studio 2.2.2 incorporates bolster for the new API level 25, and the Android emulator pictures included with the engineer instruments have likewise been redesigned. What’s more, Google has given devices to help designers make round symbols for their applications and bolster Android 7.1 nougat new iOS-style application alternate routes.

As we’ve secured already, Android 7.1 nougat won’t bring the greater part of the components of Google’s new Pixel telephones to more seasoned Nexus and Pixel gadgets. Most essentially, you’ll need to manage without the Google Assistant or the new Pixel Launcher, yet you won’t get Daydream VR bolster or the full advantages of Nougat’s “consistent redesign” system, either. Going ahead, it’s not clear whether Pixel telephones will get new Android forms in front of bolstered Nexus phones, whether those more seasoned gadgets can in the long run hope to strengthen the Pixel Launcher or Google Assistant, or Pixel-selective elements will be added to the practical framework. Nexus proprietors are as yet showing signs of improvement and speedier redesigns than most other Android telephones, yet plainly Pixel is what’s to come.

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